Empowered Prenatal is a new course teaching you how to decrease modern day stressors to prepare for an optimal birth and healthy postpartum.

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Is Pregnancy something to be fearful of?


All your life, you have been conditioned to think that pregnancy is something we should be fearful of. You’ve been told it is a condition to be managed. You’ve been told you don’t have control over how the birth goes and you should “just go with the flow”.

You’ve been told all that matters is a healthy baby.


But, what if I told you that the health of your pregnancy matters?

That preparing your body and mind for birth is a better plan than “just going with the flow”.

That you can absolutely have the empowering pregnancy & birth experience you’ve secretly hoped for.


And that is exactly what Empowered Prenatal can do for you.

Empowered Prenatal is a self-paced online (from the comfort of your couch, in your Lululemons) course that you and your partner can take to inform and empower you through the entire prenatal journey.




  • 7 Engaging and Informative Modules
  • 2+ Hours of Video Lessons
  • Private Facebook Support Group
  • Prenatal Exercise Education + Guides
  • Supplement education
  • Grocery shopping education + Guide
  • 9 Handsouts to Help Empower You
  • Discount Codes for Supplements, Household Items, & Prenatal Necessities

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Module 1

Learn how to change your mindset and focus on the pregnancy and birth we do want, not what we want to avoid.

Module 2

Learn how to select birth providers and locations with confidence and education to maintain a healthy and safe pregnancy and postpartum.

Module 3

Consider various forms of chemical stressors to give you the power to make educated decisions that impact your health and vitality through pregnancy and beyond.

Module 4

Learn how to prepare and train prior to and during pregnancy to help your body will be physically ready for the demands.

Module 5

Learn how to lower your emotional stress and optimize your nervous system function.

Module 6

Learn about safe and natural remedies that can make a world of a difference when it comes to common pregnancy ailments.

Module 7

Learn how to prepare for labor and delivery with confidence and empowerment.

I've helped many mamas in their prenatal journeys.
I can help you too.

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Empowered Prenatal Course


Lifetime Access!

  • 7 Engaging Modules
  • 2+ hours of Video Content
  • Access to Private Facebook Group
  • Prenatal Exercise Education + Guides
  • Supplement Education
  • Grocery Shopping Education + Guide
  • And more!


Pregnancy, labor and birth are life changing events. The reason I am here teaching this course is because I know how incredibly empowering birth can be and I want that for you!

YOU can do this.
YOU can prepare for this.
YOU know what is best for you and your baby.
YOU can be informed.


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