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Empowered Prenatal Online Course

Want to feel informed and empowered through pregnancy and birth?

This course will prepare you to:

  • Cultivate an informed and empowered mindset around pregnancy & birth
  • Choose a supportive birth team & location
  • Minimize the chemical, emotional, and physical stressors that impact pregnancy
  • Prepare you with natural remedies for common pregnancy challenges
  • Plan for an empowering birth experience & healthy postpartum
  • Build connections with other like-minded mamas in our private Facebook community

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What People Are Saying:

I went to Dr, Brittany during my second pregnancy. I was experiencing a lot of pelvic pain and for the most part I was just looking for some relief. Not only did my pain decrease, I learned so much more from her when it came to my pregnancy and upcoming labor. I can without a doubt say she was a helping hand in my goal to have an unmedicated birth. She is a wealth of knowledge in all parts pregnancy, labor and overall women’s health!

Lynsey K.

I started working with Dr. Brittany after having my second baby and then continued to with my third and fourth pregnancy! She was ready and willing to answer every question I had, gave me a ton of information and insight, and empowered me to be an advocate for myself and babies! Her care and advice postpartum was also second to none! I felt better postpartum with baby number 4 then I ever did with the first two and I have no doubt it was because of Dr. Brittany’s amazing care!

Whitney C.

Dr Britt saw me from day one every other week until the day before I delivered during my second pregnancy. My first delivery was long and tough. With my second, I felt like chiropractic care with Dr Britt made a huge difference in both my pregnancy and my delivery. The whole experience went so smooth and so much better than I could’ve hoped for. I had less aches and pains through pregnancy, and felt like my body was more ready for delivery from being adjusted!

Brooke C.

Dr. Brittany was an invaluable part of my birth team from preconception to baby’s first adjustment. Not only does she provide chiropractic care to ensure proper alignment and best environment for baby, but she also provides tools for managing stress, nutrition and mentally preparing for labor. She is genuinely invested in her patients and how she can help you achieve your birth plan.

Katie J.

I started working with Brittany at 37 weeks pregnant with our second son. I had back pain and wanted relief. I have been seeing Brittany monthly since then. In total Dr. Brit has supported me through three babies and a miscarriage. When I went two weeks over with our daughter, Brittany empowered me to talk to my OB in a way that I felt I had a say in my care and gave me confidence in my healthcare decisions. The care after birth was just as valuable as the prenatal chiropractic care. The science based holistic approach to prenatal care, preparing my body for birth, and postpartum healing was exactly what I needed in a noisy world with many viewpoints and opinions.

Lisa D.

Dr. Brittany is someone I made sure I saw during my pregnancies - prenatal and postnatal. She believes all expecting mothers should be treated with exceptional care as they prepare for childbirth and motherhood. Her kindness, knowledge and dedication to prenatal care doesn’t go unnoticed!

Megan S.

I started seeing Dr.Britt for chiropractic care in the middle of my first pregnancy. I had a very physical/high stress job at the time and chiropractic adjustments really helped me to feel good through the end of my pregnancy. I continued to receive care during postpartum and again for my second pregnancy. My babies were always in great positions! I felt great and was able to be very active throughout both pregnancies.

Lydia J.

Investing in care with Dr. Britt was easily one of the best decisions I made during my pregnancy. Her passion and joy for pregnancy and birth is evident in both the care she provides and the knowledge she shares. Dr. Britt was very thorough and explained everything. Also helping me be more mindful and in tune with my body. Providing me with various exercises I could be doing at home to help assist with having a great pregnancy and getting baby into optimal position for birth. As a first time mom, it’s incredibly easy to get lost in all the information and things to do/know — Dr. Britt helped guide me to what I should be asking my OB and other topics to research that are often overlooked. I always felt a breath of fresh air and empowered leaving the office! As we prepare to conceive again I am confident having Dr. Britt on my team and am grateful for her guidance to best prepare my body as a whole — physically, nutritionally, emotionally, and mentally.

Caitlin D.

I’ve been under Dr. Brittany’s care throughout all three of my pregnancies. My goal was to have comfortable pregnancies and to prepare my body for natural births. She not only helped me physically (as my prenatal chiropractor) but she also guided me in making informed decisions around pregnancy, birth and the postpartum period. As well as, helping me form a healthy mindset around birth! She is a wealth of knowledge and I truly believe every mother or preparing-mother would benefit from her prenatal education and support.

Madelyn L.